California Allows Online Voter Registration

In important election reform and election administration news, California will now allow for online voter registration.  See more info below in this article from the Associated Press:

California allows online voter registration |The Associated Press |Posted: 10/07/2011 06:46:53 PM PDT

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Californians will be able to register to vote online for the 2012 elections.

Gov. Jerry Brown announced Friday that he signed legislation that supporters say will modernize California’s election system.

The bill, SB 397, allows the state to begin registering voters online ahead of a new statewide voter database. It directs state election officials and the Department of Motor Vehicles to match registration information submitted online with DMV records containing an electronic copy of a voter’s signature.

Democratic Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco says his bill will allow more people to register and “participate in our democracy.”

The bill was sponsored by California Common Cause. Executive Director Kathay Feng says the system is expected to be up and running for the November 2012 general election.

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