SMASH Impact Report 2017 Executive Summary

SMASH evaluation data have been collected each summer for seven years, along with annual alumni surveys to examine longitudinal outcomes of SMASH scholars. The SMASH Impact Report 2017 Executive Summary provides the summary of these results from this past year of data collection. View Publications

The Leaky Tech Pipeline: A Comprehensive Framework for Understanding and Addressing the Lack of Diversity across the Tech Ecosystem

This report introduces the Leaky Tech Pipeline Framework, explores data on underrepresentation and barriers to diversity, and provides a roadmap for comprehensive interventions and solutions to increase racial and gender diversity across the tech ecosystem. Check out the report below:   View Report

Intersectional STEM Network Formation: Longitudinal Peer Support, Anti-Blackness, and Persistence in STEM for Underrepresented Students

Peer networks formed in a rigorous HS STEM summer program were related to persistence in studying STEM in college however were not sufficient to overcome isolation in STEM majors. Latinx students were significantly more likely to report being close to another program alumna. Gender was not significant predictor of persistence in STEM however racial/ethnic identities were, suggesting anti-blackness is a …

Broadening Participation in Computing: Examining Experiences of Girls of Color

This research study examined longitudinal gender differences in computing outcomes among high school girls of color. Girls of color participating in a 3-year CS intervention demonstrated lower initial interest in computing and these gender differences persisted after one year of the intervention. Promising outcomes were revealed in year three of the intervention, where there were no gender differences in participation …

The 2017 Tech Leavers Study

What would you do if your colleagues continually shared offensive and stereotypical racial jokes? How would you respond if the same managers who continually made sexist comments also unfairly critiqued your work contributions, while you watched others being fast-tracked for promotions? Or if your co-workers questioned your legal status to work,your English skills, or your ability to do your job? …