ACT Test Scores Show Students Not Prepared for College

A recent article published by Education Week reveals that high school student scores on the ACT this year failed to meet crucial education standards, demonstrating that they are not prepared to succeed in college. Although there was a slight improvement in math and science test scores, “60 percent of the class of 2012 that took the test failed to meet benchmarks in two of the four subjects tested”. Additionally, the achievement gap persists, unchanged from last year with Latino and African American students having the lowest test scores while Asian and White students maintain the highest.

“To remedy the situation, students need to be better prepared through the pipeline leading into high school, and once they’re in advanced courses, educators need to ensure that those students are getting a rigorous experience. The ACT research finds that students who take a more challenging course load are more likely to graduate from high school and perform better on the college-entrance exam.”

The College Bound Brotherhood is working to ensure that youth receive access to the academic support necessary in helping them prepare for standardized tests like the ACT, as well as, a rigorous course load. This school year looks to be promising for the Brotherhood as we will seek to provide young Black males with more resources and access to college-prep tools! Stay tuned!

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