A Summer Break for the Better

Late last year, CompassPoint released a wonderful study: Creative Disruption: Sabbaticals for Capacity Building and Leadership Development in the Nonprofit Sector (download here). The report analyzes the myths and actual benefits of  nonprofit leaders being able to step away for a well-planned break – a sabbatical – during which the individual benefits from a period of rejuvenation and the organization’s “second tier” of managers get to further develop their leadership skills.

Here at the Kapor Center (which includes our sibling organizations, Level Playing Field Institute and Kapor Enterprises), we’re testing out a new sabbatical program, and yours truly has the privilege of being the pioneer. As this Thursday, July 1, I’ll be out of the office until September 1st.

Of course I’m looking forward to it, since I haven’t had an extended break (beyond a two week vacation) in 17 years. And while I know that this will be a challenge in many respects (dealing – or not dealing – with email is a big one!) I’m fully confident in my staff colleagues to hold down the fort until we’re all together again. So please feel free to continue to contact the appropriate Foundation staff with questions; they’re prepped to answer own their own and in my stead. Meanwhile, have a great summer! Namaste.

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