A New Day

We are extremely encouraged about the prospect of an Obama administration in which the target issues of the Mitchell Kapor Foundation — education, environment, and civic engagement — are well-aligned with the winds of change now blowing across the country.  Our lens on these issues — the focus on low income communities of color — also resonates with the inclusive message of the Obama campaign.  Indeed, these groups gave him his margin of victory in many states.

Of particular note is the campaign’s promise to partner with non-profits and social entrepreneurs to amplify government efforts to improve collective-well-being.  We look forward to convening the civic and voter engagement groups we funded to exchange lessons and help us chart our course going forward.  In addition, a joint project of the Level Playing Field Institute (www.lpfi.org) and MKF is to canvas programs focusing on STEM (science, technology, education and math) education for low income students of color so as to promote collaboration and identify effective models.  Emerging from our economic crisis depends in part on U.S. innovation.

As President-elect Obama says: Together, we can bring about the change we need.

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