A Day at Work

Today was a good day.

For anyone wondering what a foundation professional actually does, here’s a rundown:

Started out this morning in the Excelsior meeting with an alliance of community organizers who are working to build the electoral power of voters in southeast San Francisco.

Had a teleconference with a current grantee to get an update on their voter protection program work, particularly as they push toward establishing a national right to vote.

Wrote a memo to VoICE grantees; reviewed grant renewal process with Tiffany.

Skimmed evaluations from participants in last Friday’s “Strengthening Our House” Seminar, sponsored by BABIP and underwritten by the Foundation.

Ate great Afghan food and chatted with our KEI Creative team, the dudes who design our website and media materials.

Met with Tamara Moore, program officer at the College Access Foundation of California, to begin planning a gathering for the ABFE fellowship alumni and to start sketching out a possible collaboration between CAFCA and our BBCBI grantees.

Listened to and advised an upstart social entrepreneur in the midst of developing a community-based, intergenerational, self-sufficient outreach and recruitment program…and I can’t say more than that.

Chatted with Carmen about plans for a convening (co-hosted by the Akonadi Foundation) to highlight opportunities presented by the stimulus package.

Tried to catch up on email…

Worked with Mitch to map an agenda for a brainstorming session bringing together high tech thought leaders and a major social advocacy organization.

Attended terrific open house for Timothy Silard, the new President of the Rosenberg Foundation. Made connections with other foundation leaders interested in our proposed stimulus convening.Traded six business cards. Will send out detailed emails tomorrow!!

Came home to write a blog entry.

Today was a good day.

Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr.


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