Reimagining Equitable Computer Science Education

Establishing a more just, accessible, & equitable computer science education for all students

The Equitable CS Curriculum Initiative is a multi-year endeavor designed to create engaging computer science education experiences for children and youth in grades K-12. We will achieve this through intentional and collaborative efforts that dismantle racism and bias (individual and institutional), center CS learning on student assets, culture, and experience, and elevate the value that families and communities bring to the learning process. Ultimately, we aim to ensure CS educators and education systems are equipped with resources needed to create and develop engagement, identity, and persistence in computing pathways for Black, Latinx, Native American and girls, and gender non-binary students, to ensure they have opportunities to pursue computing pathways in college and career.

Reimagining CS Education: A Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Framework

In June 2021, Kapor Center released the CRCS Framework, developed in partnership with a national collective of education advocates to create more pathways for Black, Latinx, Native American, and other marginalized students to computer science education, tech careers, and STEM-related fields. This work will continue to grow and take shape as the need for CS education becomes more prevalent in communities across the country and educators seek new opportunities to lead positive change.