OpEds give VRM vroom!

VOTETSHIRT_BIG2This evening I saw a woman out for a run wearing a tshirt that said “I {heart} People Who Vote.” I couldn’t see the logo (and was too rubber-legged from an hour of salsa dancing to run after her) , but the slogan made me happy! I {heart} these people too!

On that note, looks like we’re getting some traction and momentum around voter registration modernization (formerly known as “universal registration”).  Supportive editorials are raining from the sky: the New York Times, Washington Post, U.S. News and World ReportKentucky Courier-JournalNational Journal, Indianapolis Star, and of course, Huffington Post have all run columns in the past month about the virtues of “automatic” registration. Let’s hope that – amidst the health care flares, confirmation consternation, and Gates-gate – the electorate is hearing the messages.

Thanks to Wendy Weiser, Director of the Voting Rights and Elections Project at the Brennan Center, for compiling these articles. The good folks at Brennan Center have also published a ton of terrific work on voting rights! Check ’em out!