2019 Giving Campaign

We are excited to launch our 3rd Annual Kapor Center Giving Campaign! Each year, it gets better and better, and this year's campaign was put together by our Staff Giving Committee: Alexis Martin, Greg Bennett, Jesse Burger, Sergio Rosas, Subina Mahal, Norman La, and Tiffany Price. Both the Staff Giving Committee and this Giving Campaign were created to inspire and celebrate staff philanthropy in all its forms -- time, talent and treasure. It is our hope that all staff, regardless of location and status will be able to participate in the Giving Campaign.

Below, all the elements of the campaign are outlined. Please check them out, and if you have any questions or ideas, please email the Staff Giving Committee at giving (at) kaporcenter (dot) org.

While this Giving Campaign is not a competition, we DO aim for 100% staff participation! We will even be matching part-time staff financial donations to SMASH and regional fire aid organizations. There will be awards given out at the end of the campaign for various types of engagement and to celebrate all the ways that you give.

There will be an Incentive Chart and stickers for you to mark off when you complete one of the Giving Campaign components to gauge staff engagement in the campaign, and there will also be a thermometer in Cafe to show our progress for both our One Warm Coat fundraising and clothing drive and the SMASH fundraising drive goals. 

REMOTE STAFF: If you volunteer, participate in a local food drive, or donate business clothing for students to your own SMASH program, and give to a coat/toy drive in your local area, just email giving (at) kaporcenter (dot) org to let us know so we can keep track of your participation as well! We will also be prepared to have remote pitches for the Giving Tuesday luncheon!

Lastly, this campaign provides a great opportunity for you to bond with a colleague by going together to get canned goods, toys, or coats at the new Target on 26th street or a nearby grocery store like Grocery Outlet (2900 Broadway), Whole Foods (230 Bay Pl), Koreana Plaza (2354 Telegraph), or Sprouts (3035 Broadway)

Thanks in advance for giving your time, talent, and treasure to support the communities that you love!