2010 Foundation Center Scholarships & Other Resources


Foundation Directory Online

I’m sure many of you have heard about San Francisco’s Foundation Center.  One of the Foundation Center’s key resources is their Foundation Directory Online (FDO) which allows nonprofits to electronically search their extensive database of over 100,000 foundations for relevant potential funders.  They’ve also added a new Power Search engine called FDO Professional, which searches through NINE Foundation Center databases at once, identifying even more funding prospects. Their databases have also been updated with a section called ‘Economic Crisis Information’ to let you know how the particular foundation has altered its funding strategy in response to the economic crisis.  If you go to the Foundation Center, they can show you how to use the directory, AND you can use it for FREE.  If you access it from work or home, you will need to pay a subscription fee based on the type of access you want.

Training Scholarships

In addition to the Foundation Directory Online, the Foundation Center offers a variety of training opportunities.  Did you know that they also have scholarships available to help under-resourced nonprofits attend their full-day training seminars? If you represent a CA nonprofit organization with a budget under $1,000,000, you are eligible to apply. The Foundation Center offers another way to save money as well.  They provide special discounts: if more than one person from your organization attends a particular full-day training, you only have to pay $25 for each additional person on your team to attend a particular fundraising course or $25 for each additional fundraising course you attend.

I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities to advance your knowledge base, especially when you have excellent resources available like these!

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