The Gap

The Kapor Center for Social Impact is particularly interested in “gap-closing” endeavors.  The “gap” to which we refer covers a wide range of American life – the gap in academic achievement, access to health care and economic opportunity, gaps in income, information and social mobility.  Unfortunately, the gaps are often predictable along racial and ethnic lines.  At the Kapor Center, we firmly believe that intellect, creativity, and resourcefulness are evenly distributed at birth.  However, systemic barriers disproportionately faced by Black, Latino, Native American, and some Asian/Pacific Islander communities are creating and widening the gap.

To better understand this gap, take a look at what the Kapor Center refers to as our country’s “leaky pipeline,” the points along the path of education and opportunity that, where broken, cause us to squander talent and potential.

To see the story in motion, watch our Leaky Tech Pipeline video »


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